Christmas coupon

Christmas voucher:
We are no longer able to promise you the delivery of the 3Dsimo mini under your Christmas tree, but we made a special voucher which you can give as a present to your relatives, and it has other benefits as well.
Not only you will get the 3Dsimo mini and its accessories for the best price, but your loved one will have an option to select the materials and colors of them on our website. And we can't forget that they will be also able to select 5 templates they desire.

Christmas voucher contains :
1x 3Dsimo mini
1x Wooden stand
60m of drawing filament.
1x Wooden glasses
5x Drawing template.

You will receive the voucher and login informations via e-mail within 24 hours.
After filling the selection form, the package will arrive within 14 days.

$159 151 £128 3999 Estimated retail price $209 Estimated retail price 199 € Estimated retail price £168 Estimated retail price 4999 Kč Shipping in May

Product code: #voucher

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