If you want to protect the nature, then this environmentally friendly material is right for you. It is made from the corn starch and it is suitable for painting various kits for final assembly. When left outside it gets itself organically decomposed after some time. PLA is not suitable for drawing into the air. However, this material is very hard and tough.

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PLA material

  • Overall length of material 15 m
  • Length of fiber 5 m
  • Diameter 1,75 mm
Overall length 15m
$8 7 £6 205
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Sending out within 72 hours.
Estimated retail price $12 Estimated retail price 11 € Estimated retail price £9 Estimated retail price 308 Kč

Product code: PLA1

PLA characteristics

  • Filling of large areas
  • Materials suitable for architects (creating realistic buildings or landscapes)
  • Materials used in the food industry (safe for contact with foodstuffs)
  • Materials suitable for details and finishes
  • Materials available in many colour variants
  • Translucent materials of various colours with varying degrees of transparency
  • Materials for tracing pictures on paper

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