3D Pen - Plastic to metal, Girlfriend spider prank


Ive always wanted to play with a 3D pen, they look pretty fun. Ive figured out some practical uses, like turning plastic into metal, and 'welding' broken plastic together.

Its easy to turn any 3D drawn or 3D printed plastic object into metal. You just need to encase it in plaster, and drill some holes through the plaster to the object. Thats so you can melt out the plastic, leaving a hollow mold you can fill with metal.

Fixing plastic objects is pretty straight forward, you just need to use the same type of plastic to fix it with.

I also pranked my girlfriend with a 3D drawn plastic spider, she got scared and started to punch me haha, but I gave her a rose made out of color changing plastic and everything was ok :)

Dry Ice Air-Hockey is pretty fun, but you need a really clean and flat surface! Im thinking about scaling this up, and making a dry ice skateboard.