One tool
to rule them all

This book will help you find out why is 3Dsimo MultiPro called „small workshop that fits the palm of hand“ and what make it different from standard 3D pens, that are meant for creative work. E-book contains examples of practical applications and also information on what we plan for the future.

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What you can find in the book

Our company has been developig and producing multifunctional tool for more that 7 years with an emphasis on usage in hobby, 3D printing, creative work, educational and modelling applications. If you are a creative person or if you are looking for an original present, then this may hold the answers you seek.


multifunctional tools
for 21st century


3Dsimo MultiPro can have up to
7 functions (7in1) thanks to
its exchangeable attachments


use 3Dsimo products to
create, repair, develop and learn

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