Great tools for schools

New dimension of education.
Playful and safe.

Development and Playful Way of Education

3Dsimo pens allows children to develop 3D imagination, fine motor and creative abilities. Thanks to this playful way of education the lessons become more entertaining for them, improve their concentration and lead to deeper interest in certain topics.

Learning by doing

3Dsimo pens can be used during geometry, physics or electro lessons and are perfect tools also for workshops or art lessons. 3Dsimo helps students create amazing projects and homework.

Great for After-School Activities

With selected models of 3Dsimo it is not only possible to draw and create 3D objects but their practical usage is much wider and it is possible to use them easily in households and workshops.

Lifelong Skills

In an easy and playful way, 3Dsimo shows children and students how to use 3D technology in practice and gives them solid basics in the field which will be still more and more used in both professional and private life.

Elementary School

3Dsimo Basic for better price.
Why choose 3Dsimo Basic 2:

  • Fun way to learn
  • Filament is available in wide range of colors and shades and is non-toxic
  • Easy and safe controls and operation for children
  • The box includes a book with 25 fun projects

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High and Vocational Schools

3Dsimo Kit 2 and 3Dsimo MultiPro for better price.
Why choose 3Dsimo Kit or MultiPro:

  • Awesome for technology-oriented students
  • Great tools for printing, building and programming devices and robots
  • Enables soldering of electrical devices
  • Easily programmable 3Dsimo Kit 2 via Arduino

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Interest Groups

3Dsimo Basic, Kit of MultiPro for better price.
Why choose 3Dsimo:

  • Great option for art- and technology-oriented after-school workshops.
  • Great for enthusiasts of any age
  • Helps with development of motor abilities and creativity
  • Great for burning and cutting (wood, leather, fabric), making jewelry and decorations, as well as printing, building and soldering.

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