3Dsimo basic - After-Christmas Edition

The 3Dsimo basic is an ideal tool to start with. With it, you will learn how to properly 3D draw an object, and you cannot burn yourself with it while learning. It is suitable for age of 8-99 years.
In the after-Christmas sales, we offer you a unique opportunity to purchase the 3Dsimo basic and the accessories that will give you a lot of inspiration for a discount price.

The package contains :
1x 3Dsimo basic (The basic box already contains 96 pieces of 30cm long filament)
1x 3Dsimo Book (40 interesting projects and templates inside)
1x Silicone pads (Great even for beginners, as it comes with 18 projects)
1x Drawing pad (A fitting accessory with the Book)
96 pieces of 30cm long filament (The package comes with 6 different colors)

The limited offer ends on 20.2.

$139 excl. VAT 119 excl. VAT £109 incl. VAT 3629 Estimated retail price $232 incl. VAT 144 € incl. VAT £132 excl. VAT 2999 Kč Ready on stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: #3dsmn21

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