3Dsimo basic in a limited action with a spare battery

The 3Dsimo basic is the ideal gift for children, and perhaps not just for them.
It is safe, and cannot cause burns when touched on the heated end.
In this special package, you will receive an additional battery, meaning that you will never have to use a cable while drawing anymore.

What the package contains :
1x Complete set with the 3Dsimo basic
1x Spare battery

$109 excl. VAT 92 excl. VAT £85.65 incl. VAT 2903 Estimated retail price $158 incl. VAT 111.32 € incl. VAT £103.64 excl. VAT 2399 Kč Ready on stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: 3Dsimo basic in a limited

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