Spare battery for the 3Dsimo basic

This battery is a selectable accessory for the 3Dsimo basic.
To have a spare battery can come in handy, because when one of them will run out, you will not have to wait for 40 minutes, but you cam simply swap them.
And because the charging time of the battery is shorter than the time in can be used for, two batteries are all you need to have endless fun.

Details :
Voltage : 5V
Capacity : 750mAh
Color option : Red/Blue

$49 excl. VAT 41 excl. VAT £38 incl. VAT 1208 Estimated retail price $59 incl. VAT 49.6 € incl. VAT £46 excl. VAT 999 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: battery

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