Big set of 3Dsimo basic for schools

Have a small classroom and are you looking for something to expand creative skills of your wards? We created this package especially for education sector. You get all the essentials in one package for a good price.

3Dsimo basic is wireless, ergonomic, safe and easy to use by children of age 8+ years. It trains fine motor skills and spatial imagination when creating 3d objects.

Plastic is health-conscious and certified.

3Dsimo basic provides kids with lots and lots of creative fun.

This pack includes:
10pcs of 3Dsimo Basic
10pcs of Drawing pad
5pcs of Spare batteries for 3Dsimo basic
30 tubes (450 meters) of PCL filament in variety of colours

$899 excl. VAT 899 excl. VAT £899 incl. VAT 21999 Estimated retail price $1099 incl. VAT 1099 € incl. VAT £1099 excl. VAT 18999 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

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