Starter box

Interested in starting distribution for your small shop? We prepared an ideal package to get started. It contains all the essentials to test the market, display it on the store shelves or show it on the trade show.

You get both our current flagship pens.
First is more advanced 3Dsimo mini 2 with the ability to draw in 3D, solder electronics, burn into wood or leather and cut foams. It is a perfect multitool for creative persons or DIY enthusiast. It is recommended from 14 years and up.

Second one is 3Dsimo basic, wireless, battery powered ergonomic 3D pen safe even for kids from 8 years and up thanks to its low temperature.

Accessories includes books which contains templates and instructions how to operate and what can be created using any 3D pen. Creative boxes incudes step-by-step instructions and everything else to create dragons or a jewellery. Also, you get additional material that goes along with each pen.

Don't hesitate to contact our sales department you wish to make customised order or you wish to enter our wholesale channel.

This package contains:
5pcs of 3Dsimo mini
5pcs of 3Dsimo Basic
5pcs of 3Dsimo book
5pcs of Drawing pads
2pcs of Dragon creative boxes
2pcs of Jewellery creative boxes
4 packs (60 meters) of additional filament for 3Dsimo mini
4 tubes (60 meters) of additional filament for 3Dsimo basic

$999 excl. VAT 999 excl. VAT £999 incl. VAT 21999 Estimated retail price $1299 incl. VAT 1299 € incl. VAT £1299 excl. VAT 19999 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: diststart

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