3Dsimo KIT - 3DPI set

We bring you a special set of 3Dsimo KIT with accessories in collaboration with 3D Printing Industry for a great price.

Build time: 15-30 minutes

3Dsimo Kit can use all kinds of materials, not just PLA or ABS.
Plug in the LCD display (included in the package) and choose one of many pre-defined material profiles, or make your own.

3Dsimo Kit is Open source building kit.
More informations in our GIT HUB : https://github.com/3dsimo/3dsimo_kit

The whole device is made out of FDM 3Dprinted parts, so you can customize as you want.
Also, in case of any damage to the 3Dsimo Kit, you can print new parts.

This pack contains all the essentials like our Dragon creative box, with templates that will help you with your first project using our 3D pen. It also contains a drawing pad and additional material so you have plenty to create from.

For this occasion, we offer you an opportunity to purchase the 3Dsimo mini 2 and the accessories for a great price.

This limited package contains :
1x 3Dsimo KIT
1x Dragon creative box
1x Drawing pad (A fitting accessory with the Book)
45m of filament for drawing

$89 excl. VAT 79 excl. VAT £69 incl. VAT 2299 Estimated retail price $118 incl. VAT 95 € incl. VAT £85 excl. VAT 1899 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: 3DKITPI

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