3dsimo power bank

Power bank for the 3dsimo mini :

Nowhere near a wall socket ?

This problem can be solved with our large, 11 000mAh power bank.
It can keep the 3dsimo mini running for 6-8 hours of continuous operation.
Another advantage is that there are 2 usb ports to choose from.
One is for the 3dsimo mini (5V/2,1A), and the other one (5V/1A) is to charge your Power Pack while you are still working with the 3dsimo mini.

And because we thought about everything, the power bank also has a build-in LED light.

Don't be limited by the need of plugging in, and demonstrate your ideas anywhere.
Glamourize the world around you.

$39 excl. VAT 36 excl. VAT £30 incl. VAT 899 Estimated retail price $59 incl. VAT 43.5 € incl. VAT £36.3 excl. VAT 743 Kč Available on 1. 6. 2018 Out of stock

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