dragon creative box

This Creative box will walk you through making several awesome dragons. If you are a fan of dragons, then this is a must-have thing for you.
Everything is designed so that anybody will be able to create these stunning dragons. You will be surprised how realistic they can look.
Contents of the pack :
2x Templates of the Mythic Dragons
1x Detailed step-by-step instructions in the manual
30 m of filaments (black, green, gray, white, red)
4x boards with skeleton dragons

$29 excl. VAT 25.5 excl. VAT £23.5 incl. VAT 690 Estimated retail price $39 incl. VAT 30.855 € incl. VAT £28.45 excl. VAT 570 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

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