Material which changes color according to the temperature. Imagine jewellery that will adapt its color according to the weather. We look forward to seeing your amazing creation.

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  • Overall length of material 15 m
  • Length of fiber 5 m
  • Diameter 1,75 mm
Overall length 15m
$10 excl. VAT 9 excl. VAT £8 incl. VAT 299 Estimated retail price $15 incl. VAT 10.89 € incl. VAT £9.68 excl. VAT 247 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

Product code: TERM1

TERMOCHROME characteristics

  • Drawing in the air (creating new 3D models)
  • Filling of large areas (for the fast mode setting)
  • Materials that glow or change colours depending on the temperature
  • Materials suitable for architects (creating realistic buildings or landscapes)
  • Materials suitable for details and finishes
  • Materials available in many colour variants
  • Translucent materials of various colours with varying degrees of transparency
  • Materials soluble in acetone
  • Heat resistant materials

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