Jewelry creative box

This creative box will guide you through the art of making jewelry with all kinds of materials.
Are you a fan of hand-made, genuine jewelry ? If yes, then this creative box is the perfect thing for you.
Everything is designed so that anybody will be able to make this beautiful looking jewelry.
Contents of the pack :
4x templates of the Flowers Jewelry
1x Detailed step-by-step instructions in the manual
40 m of filaments (black, glittering, green, purple,
gold, pink, marble)

$29 excl. VAT 25.5 excl. VAT £23.5 incl. VAT 690 Estimated retail price $39 incl. VAT 30.855 € incl. VAT £28.45 excl. VAT 570 Kč Ready on stock Sending out within 72 hours

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