01 Kit

First building KIT of multi-material
3D pen that you can modify
according to your wishes.

Assembly takes only 15-30 min

02 Materials

3dsimo Kit Materials

With 3dsimo Kit you can use
other materials than common PLA or ABS.

Connect the included LCD display
and choose one of pre-set materials
or create your own material profiles.

Plastic material with an admixture of the metal powder. After sanding and polishing will the surface really look as the bronze. You can create statues or machine parts of high strength.

This material simulates the looks and structure of a real Marble. When it heated, it behaves like PLA material, however, it also gives the option of drawing into the air.

Plastic material blended with wood dust. While drawing, you feel a pleasant smell of wood. With WOOD material you can create models of trees, furniture and much more.

03 Arduino

3dsimo Kit Arduino

3D Simo Kit is an open source building kit
based on Arduino Nano.
You can find everything on our GitHub.

04 Modifying

3dsimo Kit Modifying

The whole device is made from printed parts
on FDM printers which means you can
modify plastic parts to your wishes.

Also if the device gets damaged you can
print everything again by yourself. Modifications
and all the parts can be found on our Git Hub.