Kit 2

3Dsimo Kit 2 is the world’s first fully Open Source multifunctional 4 in 1 tool in the world.

3dsimo Kit
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Thanks to the integrated OLED display, you can choose to use any material currently on the market. You can quickly and easily download new material profiles on our GitHub.

Plastic material with an admixture of the metal powder. After sanding and polishing will the surface really look as the bronze. You can create statues or machine parts of high strength.

This material simulates the looks and structure of a real Marble. When it heated, it behaves like PLA material, however, it also gives the option of drawing into the air.

Plastic material blended with wood dust. While drawing, you feel a pleasant smell of wood. With WOOD material you can create models of trees, furniture and much more.

4 in 1

3D drawing - user friendly temperature and feeding speed settings
Soldering - soldering electronics and creation of 3Dsimo Kit 2 upgrades with ease
Burning - burn into wood and leather or finalize 3D printed parts
Foam cutting - great tool for cutting 3D printing supports, for cutting plastic or polystyrene

3dsimo Kit 4 in 1

Open Source

3Dsimo Kit is a building kit based on Arduino platform. You can find all information on our GitHub.

Modifying according to your needs

Every single plastic piece of this tool is printed on FDM printers and can be modified, changed or just printed all over again.
You can find all manuals and technical information on our GitHub.

3dsimo Kit Modifying