3Dsimo basic - Special Paper magic edition

Thank to the support of Paper magic we now bring you limited number of 3Dsimo basics for the best prices.
3Dsimo basic is safe to use by children of age 8+ years. It trains fine motor skills and spatial imagination when creating 3d objects.

Plastic is health-conscious and certified.

3Dsimo basic provides your kids with lots and lots of creative fun.

Pack contains :
1x 3Dsimo basic
1x Battery
1x Book with 24 projects
2x Tube with material for 3D drawing (96 material sticks)
1x Manual

This offer is valid only for first 100 buyers.

$69 excl. VAT 59 excl. VAT £51 incl. VAT 1814 Estimated retail price $119 incl. VAT 71.4 € incl. VAT £61.7 excl. VAT 1499 Kč Ready in stock Sending out within 72 hours

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