3dsimo multipro: Multifunctional tool
for workshops and households


  • MultiPro - Foam Cutting
  • MultiPro - Soldering
  • MultiPro - Burning
  • MultiPro - 3d Drawing

Limited number
of units available

42 / 2999 pcs

3Dsimo MultiPro was in development for over 2 years with attention to feedback from our customers.

Have a look at comparison of 3Dsimo MultiPro with 3Dsimo Mini.

4 in 1

Start 3D drawing, burning, smoothing, soldering or cutting with one device.

Just mount the according attachment and you can easily change your 3D pen to hot wire cutting tool or soldering iron

3D Drawing

With this attachment you can create and repair plastic objects in your household (repair your headphones, clock, plastic dishes, food processor, remote control, or plastic parts of cars and motorbikes). The main advantage of this attachment is temperature up to 280°C and feeding speed, which allows you to use any current and future filament types.

MultiPro - 3d Drawing

Foam Cutting

Using resistance wire cutting attachment you can cut and shape any plastic foam material (polystyrene, Depron, EPP, etc.) or hard plastics including Plexiglass. Foam cutting tool also comes with an angle setting plate, which will help you with cutting accurate angles. Great tool for model builders, architecture students, 3D printing and much more.

MultiPro - Foam Cutting


Soldering attachment transforms 3Dsimo MultiPro into fully functional soldering station. Easy to set temperature up to 480°C is perfect for repair of circuit boards and home appliances. Thanks to its durability and reliability, soldering attachment on 3Dsimo MultiPro is a great tool for handymen, hobbyists, students and even as a professional tool for mass production.

MultiPro - Soldering


This attachment is a great tool for smoothing the surface and removing supports of 3D printed objects, also thanks to its maximum temperature of 480°C and different tips, Burning attachment is an awesome device for decorative work on wood and leather. Decorate your sneakers or wallet with your own design and be unique.

MultiPro - Burning

3Dsimo MultiPro has 4 attachments included in the package, but much more is coming.

In the future, you will be able to add attachments to your 3Dsimo MultiPro like:

  • Heat Gun MultiPro - Heat Gun
  • Sawzall MultiPro - Sawzall
  • Electric Driver MultiPro - Electric Driver
  • Drill MultiPro - Drill

All of those attachments will cost a small percentage of the cost of ordinary tools with the same single use capability.

User friendly and intuitive controls

After mounting each attachment, you will be informed on how to use the attachment in few steps. You can see the tutorial for 3D tool here:

  • Foam Cutting tool Foam Cutting tool
  • Soldering tool Soldering tool
  • Burning tool Burning tool
  • Drawing tool Drawing tool
Smartphone connectivity
iOS and Android

Our app allows easy updates for 3Dsimo MultiPro firmware for compatibility with future attachments and helps you set up custom temperature profiles.

Also 3Dsimo App offers alot of step-by-step tutorials and instructional videos for amazing projects.

Smartphone connectivity<br> iOS and Android