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  • MultiPro - Foam Cutting
  • MultiPro - Soldering
  • MultiPro - Burning
  • MultiPro - 3d Drawing
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Upgraded together with you.
Based on your feedbacks and suggestions we have been for 2 years developing and testing the new product - 3Dsimo MultiPro. The results will surprise you. 

Check the new functions of 3Dsimo MultiPro comparing to the previous version 3Dsimo Mini. 

4 in 1

3Dsimo MultiPro can be easily used for drawing in 3D but also for burning, cutting, smoothing or soldering.

With a simple exchange of one of 4 attachments you can tranform it into a hot wire cutting tool or soldering iron.   

3D Drawing

With the attachment set for 3D drawing in the air you can also create and repair the plastic objects in your household (ex. headphones,, plastic dishes or parts of the car), create jewel or any other designer pieces, build models of buildings or constructions. Nothing is imposible. The main advantage is the possibility to heat the temperature up to 280°C and speed of feeding.  This alow the usage of any available materials but also the new ones.

MultiPro - 3d Drawing

Foam Cutting

With foam cutting attachment you can cut and shape any plastic material  (polystyrene, Depron, EPP, etc) or hard plastics including Plexiglass. Foam cutting tool also comes with an angle setting plate, which will help you with cutting accurate angles. This is great tool for model builders, engineers, architects or students of technical lines. Can be use also for 3D printing. 

MultiPro - Foam Cutting


Soldering attachment tranforms 3Dsimo MultiPro in fully functional soldering station. Easy to set up temperature up to 480°C is perfect for repair of circuit boards and home appliances. Thanks to its durability and reliability, soldering attachment on 3Dsimo MultiPro is a great tool for DYI guys, students, technical professions or even as a professional tool for large-scale production. 

MultiPro - Soldering


This attachment is a great tool for smoothing the surface and removing supports of 3D printed objects, also thanks to its maximum temperature of 480°C and different types of tips  is burning attachment a great tool for decoration on wood or leather. This function appreciate not only designers or artists but all who wants to creatively make their favorite  things. 

MultiPro - Burning

4 attachment you get now, many more is coming. All new versions will perfectly fit your 3Dsimo MultiPro.

Work in progress - We develop also other types of multifunctional attachments which you will appreciate. 

  • Heat Gun MultiPro - Heat Gun
  • Sawzall MultiPro - Sawzall
  • Electric Driver MultiPro - Electric Driver
  • Drill MultiPro - Drill

This small tool helps you to save you a lot of money. 

User friendly and intuitive controls

After mounting each attachment a very simple tutorial on integrated LCD will guide you with the instuction of correct usage.

  • Foam Cutting tool Foam Cutting tool
  • Soldering tool Soldering tool
  • Burning tool Burning tool
  • Drawing tool Drawing tool
Easy connection to your smartphone

 Via the app you can set up your custom temperature profiles, watch tutorials, read manuals and you can easily update firmware of 3Dsimo MultiPro everytime when the new attachment will be released. *

Also 3Dsimo App offers alot of step-by-step tutorials and instructional videos for amazing projects.*

*App will be available at a later date (14th of April)

Easy connection to your smartphone