Getting started

You bought a 3Dsimo Basic or got it as a gift and you are not sure how to start. Never mind, not everyone is technically gifted. Here you will find videos explaining how to master working with the 3Dsimo Basic step by step.

User manuals

Download PDF version of 3Dsimo Basic 2 user manual in your language.

Trouble shooting

We strive for a great product but once you discover some small problem we will post a video with its solution as soon as possible here.


3Dsimo Basic 3D pen designed for children of 8+ years old that will help transfer fantasy into reality.

One of many advantages of 3Dsimo Basic is that it’s battery powered, uses of non-toxic filament and it’s low nozzle temperature for high security of use.

3Dsimo Basic is toy safe to be used by children of 8+ years old.

3Dsimo Basic is available in red color.

3Dsimo Basic uses special PCL filament, which melts in low temperature. To secure longevity of your 3Dsimo Basic we recommend using only filament available in our e-shop.

No, 3Dsimo Basic cannot use any other filament, such as ABS or PLA, due to its nozzle’s low temperature.

3Dsimo Basic is powered by interchangeable battery which allows 3 hours of drawing.

3Dsimo Basic battery withstands minimum of 300 charging cycles, usually around 500 cycles.

Accessories such as filament are available in our e-shop as well as from our authorized distributors, which you can find in the list of our authorized distributors at the lower parts of this page.

3Dsimo Basic box includes 3Dsimo Basic 3d pen, battery, 2 tubes of filament and 3Dsimo book full of projects and inspiration for 3Dsimo Basic.

3Dsimo Basic is designed for children of 8+ years old, under supervision of adult even younger children can use 3Dsimo Basic.

Warranty on 3Dsimo Basic is 2 years. This warranty does not cover the battery, which has guaranteed 300 charging cycles. 1 cycle is full charge and full discharge.

In case of any questions or trouble, contact 3Dsimo technical support:

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