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The 3DSimo Mini is the new generation of 3D pen that can not only draw in 3D, but also solder, burn and cut. It’s the ultimate creator’s tool for all hobbyists, modellers, makers, designers and creators.

3D Simo Mini is a smaller, smarter version of the original 3DSimo Pen. The biggest innovation are the changeable tips – you can easily convert your 3D pen into a solder, burning tool or string cutter. More extensions are yet to come.

As the previous 3DSimo, the mini supports a wide variety of materials thanks to the changeable temperature and feeding speed. The top temperature has been raised from 0 up to 480 degrees, so now it can also melt metal. Oh and it’s USB powered, so you can use it almost anywhere.

We will ship worldwide.

No. 3DSimo Mini is easy for anyone to use. If you are handy with tools, if you’re an artist, if you’re a hobbyist...whoever. We have made it simple to manage and use for anyone.

Currently the Mini has 11 different types of materials available for use. These materials include ABS (usual), PLA (eco-friendly), PET (translucent) , HIPS (ultralight), Wood (contains wooden material), Metal (contains metal particles), Thermochrome (changes color with temperature), Flexi (flexible), Flourescent (glows in the dark), Blue Luminous (glows in sunlight), Laybrick (sand mixture).

While its easy enough for kids to use, we strongly recommend close adult supervision. The 3DSimo Mini reaches 480 degrees celsius at the tip, so it should not be used at all by children under 12 and only with close supervision thereafter.

No other pen in the market currently has the capability to get as hot as the Mini in the company form factor. Because of this the Mini has the ability to work with the most types of plastic materials on the market, but also metals – perfect for jewelry and other molding/crafting.

Yes, we have a host of free templates on the 3DSimo website. There are also exclusive templates that will be included in your Kickstarter purchase. You will also be able to download templates from the 3DSimo website.

Closer to our ship date, you will be able to access the mobile app for iOS and Android straight from our website and in the iTunes and Google Play stores for FREE. We will provide updates when the app is available to download.

each pack contains all 4 extension pieces plus further materials, because we have achieved streatch GOAL.

No, it has to be connected to a power source (2A USB). So you can power it from your 3DSimo battery pack for more freedom.

Shipping costs from 6 USD to 25 USD.
Depending on your location.

How much material should I purchase with my Mini?
Usually, 15m string (1 package) is enough for two hour of intensive drawing. We recommend to buy 10 packages of material – that will last you for some time. You can order new material anytime from our website or any other vendor.

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