Getting started

You bought a 3Dsimo Kit2 or got it as a gift and you are not sure how to start. Never mind, not everyone is technically gifted. Here you will find videos explaining how to master working with the 3Dsimo Kit2 step by step.

User manuals

Download PDF version of 3Dsimo Kit 2 user manual in your language.

Trouble shooting

We strive for a great product but once you discover some small problem we will post a video with its solution as soon as possible here.


3Dsimo Kit is world’s first fully Open Source multi-material 3D pen assembly kit.

3Dsimo Kit is special thanks to its Open Source software, circuit board and 3D models. Any owner of 3Dsimo Kit can customize it to suit his needs. Also, 3Dsimo Kit is special because of its teaching capability. Assembling 3Dsimo Kit teaches not only which parts is 3D pen made of, but also how exactly it works. The whole device is controlled by microcomputer based on Arduino Nano.

3Dsimo Kit is 3D pen assembly kit that is fully functional out of the box. To enjoy all the functionality of 3Dsimo Kit, 3D printer is not necessary.

3Dsimo Kit is compatible with all 1,75mm 3D printing filaments currently available on the market. If the diameter of filament is not correct, using such filament might lead to destruction of the device.

3Dsimo Kit is NOT a toy, some parts of 3Dsimo Kit can reach up to 280°C (536°F) and children should not operate 3Dsimo Kit without adult supervision. 3Dsimo Kit assembly set also includes small parts which can be inhaled or swallowed, children should NOT assemble 3Dsimo Kit without adult supervision.

All updates, 3D models and tutorials are available here:
And in Support section of 3Dsimo Inc. website.

3Dsimo Kit package includes USB cable, which can be connected to USB port on PC or to adapter, such as smartphone power adapter. Some power adapters and USB ports do not have enough power to properly power 3Dsimo Kit.

3Dsimo Kit package includes User’s manual, all parts necessary for 3Dsimo Kit to be fully assembled and USB cable. Filament is not part of the package.

In case of any questions, please contact our Technical support:

3Dsimo Kit parts are covered by 2 year warranty.

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