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3Dsimo MultiPro is a multifunctional tool designed for makers, 3D printing fans, tinkerers, model makers and overall creative people.

3Dsimo MultiPro offers endless possibilities to allow you make your creativity come to reality, like repair and finalization of 3D printed objects, 3D drawing, model building, repair of home appliances, RC model modifications and repairs, creation of models of architectural solutions and much more.

Pack of 3Dsimo MultiPro includes 3Dsimo MultiPro, 3D drawing attachment, Burning attachment, Soldering attachment, Resistance wire cutting attachment, angle setting platform for resistance wire cutting attachment, power cable with power adapter, pack of soldering tin, user’s manual, pack of resistance wire and pack of 3D drawing filament.

3Dsimo MultiPro is compatible with any currently available 1,75mm 3D printing filament.

3Dsimo MultiPro is NOT a toy, some parts of 3Dsimo MultiPro can reach very high temperatures and unsupervised children might get harmed.

All accessories and consumables are available in our e-shop and at authorized partners.

3Dsimo MultiPro is based on feedback from our customers and brings many upgrades. Direct comparison is available here:

For now, planned attachments are drill, heat gun, and more. All attachments and accessories will be available in our store and at authorized partners.

Yes, all new attachment will be compatible with any 3Dsimo MultiPro thanks to Firmware updates via smartphone app.

Smartphone app is currently under development and will by available in February of 2022.

3Dsimo smartphone App will be available for Android and iOS.

3Dsimo MultiPro is covered by 2 year warranty. This warranty does not cover consumables such as spare burning/soldering tips. Burning/soldering tips have longevity of about 800 work hours.

In case of any questions, contact our customer support:

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